In My Solitude LA began with the heartfelt desire of Founder and TV Producer, Evolyn Brooks to create a luxury, handcrafted candle, wellness goods and lifestyle line to help women relax and practice self-care.

As a breast cancer survivor and thriver, Evolyn shares through her book, “Her Name Is Cranberry,” a message of how to overcome obstacles and create the life of your dreams. She brings her ideas to life through intention based “self-discovery through DIY” candle making experiences around the world.

She created and used the Journey Candle Collection, a project she began to support her healing process while undergoing chemotherapy, surgery and radiation. “The Journey Candle Collection can be used to overcome any subconscious mental or spiritual blocks that diminish your power to focus on an area of your life that needs to be healed,” says Evolyn. By clarifying the intention and outcome you want in your life, it’s easier to claim your desire and create it with power and confidence.”

In My Solitude LA is a female owned, Los Angeles based company that is dedicated to creating mindful products and experiences.

The act of trusting our inner voice in the midst of chaos is an important part of weathering any storm and redefining the meaning of success in our life.


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Success, health, and abundance are your birthright. Welcome these qualities back into your life and integrate them into who you are now.
Be willing to get well.
— Evolyn Brooks, Her Name Is Cranberry
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