An Intention Candle Making Experience is a unique event that is hands-on, interactive, thought provoking and fun for women, men, children and families.  We can create your special day in Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta and the DMV.

Our experiences are the perfect activity for:

  • Birthday Parties for Children & Adults

  • Girl’s Trips, Bachelorette Parties & Weddings

  • Corporate Team Building Activities

  • Festivals, Retreats & Glamping Experiences

Through the process of "Self-Discovery Through DIY,"  participants will learn how to create intentions for the future and a daily mantra through a short, interactive journaling exercise.  After the left brain activity of setting new goals and intentions, attendees will engage in a creative, right brain activity of personalizing their candle to visually reflect their dreams and intentions for the future.

After the workshop, attendees can keep their candles at work or take them home along with their journal to serve as a gentle reminder of the intentions they set for themselves during the event.


Attendees identify, develop and execute meaningful and intentional work and life goals through a  transformative DIY experience that encourages and supports conversation, collaboration and the creation of accountability partnerships that will last beyond the event.

DIY + Community

The self-reward of making something with your own hands that includes "take-away", is one of the main keys that keep attendees focused, creative and connected to the purpose and cooperative mission of the larger event.  "Self-discovery through DIY" encourages openess to new ideas and opportunities to create change within their lives and communities.


Through social media activations, we raise awareness of each event by providing intentional messaging and imaging, providing opportunities for attendees to document their DIY moment and create their own content to share with their social media networks, and tag or hashtag the event, speakers and sponsors on their posts.

* Please include your first and last name, requested date, time, location and number of guests for your experience. Let us know if you’re celebrating one of the following special occasion. A la carte items are available for an additional fee if you have a special request.

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