Love Intention Candle

Love Intention Candle


Our Love intention candle is truly magical and is will add a touch of sweetness to any situation in your life! The scent of this fresh lemon, vanilla and amber soy candle brightens your mood instantly and opens your heart chakra to receive your intention. When making an intention, it’s important that your heart chakra be open. Why? Because nothing can truly be successful if your heart is not in it. This special candle is infused with reiki and sprinkled with rose petals, lavender and rose quartz crystals.

Rose quartz, also known as the stone of love or the "heart stone," is often used when seeking guidance on matters of the heart. It is especially powerful for opening the heart to turn toward itself, which will build up the amount of love and peace that you feel for yourself.

Burning time 35 hrs. 7.0oz/198g.

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