Candle Camp is a fun, craft inspired, interactive event for children of all ages. Through the process of "Self-Discovery Through DIY, kids design their own candle with their favorite words, pictures and stickers.

After the candle is personalized, with the help of a parent and/or caregiver, kids can pour their own candle and create their own unique seasonal shape and scent with essential oils and ingredients like flowers, sprinkles, jelly beans and eco-friendly glitter. Candle Camp is a great way to foster creativity, cooperation and family collaboration. Kids also receive a snack and a crafty swag bag to enjoy at home. We can create your special day at a location of your choice in Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta and the DMV.

The self-reward of making something with their own hands keeps children focused and committed to the final product. "Self-discovery through DIY" encourages openess to new ideas and opportunities to bring creative ideas to life and is an ideal activity for large or small groups.

* Children must be 5 years or older to participate in a candle making workshop and a guardian must be present to sign a waiver.

Please include your first and last name, requested date, time, location and number of guests for your experience. We can create your special day in Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta and the DMV.

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