Success, health, and abundance are your birthright. Welcome these qualities back into your life and integrate them into who you are now. Be willing to get well.
— Her Name Is Cranberry
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“Her Name Is Cranberry: How To Befriend Cancer When You’re Fighting For Your Life,” shares tips on how to stay positive, persevere, pursue your dreams and push through obstacles even when you are facing a challenging time.

 Her Name Is Cranberry is a first person account of an African-American woman and award-winning television producer who survived breast cancer and healed her mind, body and soul with the help of prayer, acupuncture, reiki, meditation, a healthy diet and forgiveness.

 As a female founder of the business, In My Solitude LA, Evolyn Brooks discovered during her recovery from breast cancer that while it’s important to practice mindfulness and self-care, we must also heal our deep, personal trauma before we can really be well.

I have read Mz. Evolyn’s book. It was honest. Uplifting. Inspiring. It truly was just what the doctor ordered. I have passed on this beautiful testimony to my niece who is facing her journey. The perfect gift of good news and good vibes.
— Lori B


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