Can Singing Bowls Clear Chakras?

Singing Bowls.jpg

While sound healing is not new in many parts of the world, it’s new to most of us in the west. But, once we figure out that something is good for us, we run with it and make it our own. Aside, from the beautiful clear tones and vibrating sound waves that you can feel traveling through your entire body, singing bowls just make you feel good. Every time I hear one for an extended period of time, I always feel happier and lighter.

Energy healers use them in their practices to clear the chakras, which are the energy centers that run from the crown of our heads to base of our bodies. Crystal bowls masters are supposedly able to create individual tones that are associated with all of the chakras.


We spent some time at the Conscious Expo in Los Angeles trying out these singing bowls made by Crystal Tones. They are by far the prettiest and most melodic singing bowls I’ve ever tried and I’d love to have one for my reiki practice. I might have to take out a loan though because these bowls are pretty expensive, upward of $1,000 depending upon the size. But hey, at the end of the day, if they are indeed healing your body and chakras as promised, that’s a lot less than you’ll pay if you need actual medical care so consider it preventative medicine.