Set Intentions. Manifest Goals. Know Your Costs.

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Do you know the true cost of what you are manifesting in your life and business?

 If you’re a maker, an entrepreneur, a mom or a creative, you’re probably an expert at manifesting out of thin air when you’re back is up against a wall, but we all know that is stressful and super expensive in the end.

What’s the best way to get clear in your thinking and eliminate some of the chaos? Know your numbers.  Do the math and find out what the pursuit of your dream or business will cost you every moment of the day? Do you know?

If we truly manifest the life we think we deserve, it’s really important to know how much our dream is costing us in time, energy, mental health and money.

If you’ve never truly done your numbers or looked at the cost of your plan versus the financial return, let me tell you it’s a sobering exercise.  You may discover that you’re in the hole before you ever leave the house, but let me tell you glowgetters, that knowledge is a gift because now you have the opportunity to pivot and find a better way to reach your goal.

Armed with this approach after taking our Intention Candle Making Experience, I’ve seen women turn their entire life and thinking around.  How? We figure out how to make our “Want” match up with our “Why” so we can get clear on our “What does it take.”  I’ve learned that until you think about how much time, energy and money you are expending, you will consistently create a result that you do NOT want in your life.

What are your thoughts about manifesting? Do you think numbers matter in this work, or do you believe what is for you will always show up?

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