Meet The Maker

Walking into her new shop on Fourth Street in Santa Monica, wandering customers are hit with the sweet aromas of grapefruit, lavender, lemongrass or jasmine depending on the concoction brewing on her portable Black and Decker burners. Nearby, delicate cups hold seashells, dried petals and pennies. About a dozen glass containers hold wicks. The identical vessels will soon hold custom wax creations and a connection to something bigger. “It’s not just about candles,” Brooks said as she stirred a pot of hot wax. “It’s about intention and goal setting and moving past obstacles.” The new home of In My Solitude LA will feature weekly workshops for friends, couples and groups hoping to delve a little deeper into their life goals. Attendees will discuss aspirations and obstacles, connect and make candles that reflect Brooks’ core tenets: reflect, ascend, release and gratitude. Brooks dreamed up her business five years ago when she was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer. The Santa Monica resident had already established herself as a producer on the Tyra Banks Show when she was challenged with overcoming with the head-spinning diagnosis and launching a business at the same time.