Sweet Superdry Giveaway

The west elm LOCAL collaboration between west elm Santa Monica x Superdry for the west elm Santa Monica featuring west elm LOCAL residency brand In My Solitude.

The initiative highlights style, fitness, mindfulness, intention, health & wellness, beauty, trend & home. It includes social media influencers and brand collaborators.

Activation: Sunday Rooftop Yoga - July 8, 2018 Intention candle-making • Yoga • Product Distribution (Complete Superdry Sport Outfits for all) • Social media influencers • west elm LOCAL social channels • Superdry social channels • west elm bounce back coupons distributed to customers and to "driveable markets" in California, Nevada & Arizona • Bounce back sales offers to Superdry Santa Monica retail store

Brand partners: Superdry, JUST water, Harmless Harvest, In My Solitude LA, west elm LOCAL, Dear Rose, Korbel Champagne, Catered Fit

Activities: Breakfast, DJ, Reiki, Yoga, Intention Candle Making.