What Is Reiki And Why Do You Need It?

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It can defined as, 'Rei' meaning higher power, higher intelligence, Source, Universe. And 'Ki' as life force energy, chi, prana.  therefore Reiki is defined as life force energy that is guided by a higher source or a greater wisdom.

Reiki is a natural healing and relaxation method discovered in Japan.  It can be applied through the gentle laying on of hands, hands off or long distance.  Reiki is not a religion and is inclusive of all traditions, religions and paths.

Reiki restrores the natural flow of the energy body and health to the physical body.  It clears blockages and allows the body to do it's own natural healing.

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At each of our Intention Candle Experiences, we offer to reiki the candles of our attendees after they have set new intentions and goals.